Looking for “Hillbilly” Delta CO/ 1st/12th, 4th INF DIV (Vietnam 1970)

By | December 27, 2015

Billy Johnson shared a photo on his facebook page this month in an attempt to locate a fellow Soldier that he served with that went by the name of Hillbilly and whom he referred to as his “best bud in the bush” referring to time spent together in Vietnam.

According to Mr. Johnson, Hillbilly was from Arkansas and would now be about 66 years old. Hillbilly was the RTO for Mr. Johnson who was then a Sergeant in Vietnam in 1970. They both served together with Delta Company/ 1st/12th, 4th Infantry Division.

Mr Johnson has been searching for Hillbilly off and on for 45 years and mentioned the names of two fellow Soldiers that may be able to identify Hillbilly in the photo and recall his name; SGT Roger P Aiken from Washington state, David Rumph from Tennessee.

If you know the name of Hillbilly (2nd from the right in the photo), contact Billy Johnson through his facebook page or leave a comment here and we will get the information to him.


Looking for Hillbilly (2nd from the right in the photo)

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