Found Zippo, CPL SISNEY Vietnam 66-67 USMC

By | December 19, 2015

CPL_SISNEYSteve Ebers shared a photo on his facebook page of a zippo lighter that was found “in a overgrown trash pile, in the woods North of Steeleville, Illinois about 6 years ago”.  Ebers guesses that the lighter had been in the trash pile since about 1972-1974 when he was a kid since as long as he can remember, that trash pile was there.

The zippo lighter is engraved withCPL SISNEY, VIETNAM, 66-67, USMC

Ebers cleaned the mud out of the inside of the zippo lighter which was empty of any of its internal components and he sent the lighter to the zippo manufacturing company who replaced the insides and the hinge pin free of charge.  According to Ebers, the zippo lighter works like new again.

Steve Ebers is hoping to return the zippo lighter to its rightful owner and is asking anyone that may know CPL SISNEY to contact him via his facebook page.

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