PARATROOPERSThe Veteran Research Project at VeteranResearch.org is a Veteran operated and privately funded volunteer-driven resource to assist in the researching of information about the history of U.S. Military Veterans.

If you are a family member or a friend of a Veteran that wants to learn more about their time in service, find other other Veterans who served with them or simply fill in gaps in information you already know, we provide the following resources:

  • Enter the Veteran into the Veteran Research database by providing basic information about what you know about their time in service.
  • Utilize the resources which are provided to help you request additional information from the U.S. Government about the Veteran
  • Benefit from volunteers who spend countless hours researching Veterans listed in our database and provide updates by contacting the person who submitted the record information directly via the email address provided.
  • Harness the power of the internet by having the information inputted into the database record publicly accessible and searchable.

Submitting a Veteran into the Research Database

Information asked for when submitting a Veteran into the research database:

  • Veteran’s Name: First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Maiden Name, Nickname(s), Is the Veteran deceased?
  • Military Service: Branch of Service, Dates of Service (ie: 1975-1982), Rank (Officer, Warrant, Enlisted), Units, Locations, Wars they served  in
  • Images: Ability to upload up to four images of the Veteran
  • Additional Information: Add any other information you feel is important to help in the research
  • Contact Information: Your Relationship to the Veteran (ie: Father, Sister, Son), Reason for the search (learn more about the Veteran or learn more about the units they served in), Your first and last name, your email address

Resources for researching Veterans

We have many resources to help you research Veterans who served during the following eras: